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This business was founded on trying to get the important things for the farmer in a one spot, one call, one bill setting. As we continue growing we will do what we can to support you, our main focus is on being the people you can turn to no matter what is on your mind with your farm and work with you to have a solution that fits you, not your neighbor not the next county, you


Pioneer Hi-Bred

We farm in your area, and we know what to look for for your operation, call us for the best local products or your agronomy needs


Lime Application

We know in Southwest Ohio that lime is one of those products that is hard to keep up with given the soils and weather, call us to help you keep it in check. We'll spread your lime for $8-12/ton depending on distance, or full service we buy and deliver the lime $30-40/ton depending on distance

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TruChoice Chemicals

What goes good with the best seed using local data? Some of the best chemical packages out there on the market place, paired with a local distributor

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